You heard it first here! Mega Illusion #8

Our Mega Illusion #8 will be in conjunction with the National Heritage Board’s (NHB) 2010 “I Love Museums” campaign!

We are surprised only 1 person got the answer right! (Purely, because no one else chose it and he is not from Singapore :-P) Congrats to Paul Nielsen from Detroit Michigan for winning the $288 DVD hamper!

Honestly, I thought at least a few people would choose NHB! We gave hints that I thought would help but unfortunately misdirected people even more from the right answer. Finally, we gave a hint which we thought was really simple – “Use Mum” which is an anagram for “Museum”. Oh well… we will do another contest shortly.

I’m sure many are probably surprised that NHB is our client for the latest mega illusion. Actually, all the organizations listed have all approached us at one point to do a mega illusion with them. Over the course of this year, we have been in discussions of staging another mega illusion with the different parties. For various reasons from, conceptual differences to budget, we did not come to an agreement for a mega illusion till now. Hopefully, this will give other local magicians a chance to do something special with the rest!

We are also very selective with the staging of our mega illusions. Our last mega event started 2010 with a bang with our “The Impossible 4D Prediction” that made tremendous buzz off & online. So, we were on the lookout to work with an organization that is different from our previous clients where we can add something new to their event & marketing mix.

Judging by how no one guessed NHB would be the organization that we are working with, we hope to spread the awareness that NHB is NOT only about a few “stuffy” museums. For example, did you know that Singapore has 52 different public and private museums! 52! That’s right. The same number of cards in a deck of playing cards.

And the programs the museum run are really interesting, hip and cool! We hope our involvement with the campaign will bring a new audience to the museums and at the same time expose museum visitors to our brand of urban illusions.

Here’s a little insider information: The mega illusion is just one of the highlights that we are working on with NHB. We also have some other special things lined up that we are really excited with. Another couple of “firsts” that we are proud to be spearheading in Singapore!

Thanks to NHB for their tremendous support and innovativeness enough to mix world class illusion with their activities and venues.

Of course, now the question is “What is the mega illusion going to be?”


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One Response to You heard it first here! Mega Illusion #8

  1. darkchibi07 says:

    “What is the mega illusion going to be?”

    I hope to GOD it’s Magic Babe Ning doing a water escape!!!!

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