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It may seem quiet the last week or so on the blog front, but that is just the calm before the storm…

I love our regular performing schedule for corporate & special events (we just did a great illusion show for 2500 people tonight!) but I also love how I spend the other half of my time which is spent researching and developing new material.

I have been reading book after book for the last few months, making notes, making improvements to our own material and basically absorbing everything like a sponge. I’m cross referencing material from so many books at the same time that I often find myself forgetting where I read it. Hence, the note taking! I almost feel I’m back in university with all the reading.

Just 1/4 of the books I’m currently reading and re-reading

We are busy working on multiple projects and one of them is our brand new 2011 show. We have been spending lots of time, money and resources on building this show and I’m pleased to say that it is coming along very nicely. This new show has a completely new set of equipment that has been custom fabricated. The show is 95% complete and rehearsals are underway. While the show is officially being launched in 2011, we will debut public sneak previews at certain special events by the last quarter of this year.

I’ve been working on this show in parts since 2002 and have refined techniques over the years. But, it is only in the last 2 years that I started developing the material and show design more seriously. It is completely different from anything we have done before but am sure it will be a new offering to the entertainment industry, especially in this part of the world.

As much as one might hope, our show will not have any appearing canes in it… or as the rest of world calls it “magic sticks”. 😛

We also got great news last week! The producer from RCTI, Indonesia, emailed us to let us know that the official ratings were in!”Duel Mahakarya Magician”, the show that Ning & I were featured in was the # 1 highest rated show on Indonesian TV with a 30.3 share of the market! That is huge! Thank you Indonesia for your support!

If you missed our act, you can watch the highlights here:

We certainly had a great time in Indonesia and met lots of great people. We hope to be back soon.


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