Sexy Magic Reviews – A New Review Blog from Magic Boutique

As you might have noticed, my blog has been filled with a lot of magic reviews in the last 2 months. So, in the bid not to dillute the blog and keep on track with “Backstage Business”, Ning has set up a brand new blogsite to house reviews for all her Magic Boutique reviewers.

Check it out:  

This is a professional magic product review site by professional magicians, veterans in the magic community and guest reviewers. We strive to give insightful, detailed and objective reviews to do justice to both the buyer and creator of the products. 

We will be uploading all past reviews to the site – which will amount to hundreds of reviews. We already have 50 up there including new ones of the latest products on the magic market! So be sure to bookmark the site and check it our regularly for updates!

All the products reviewed are available at Ning’s online magic shop 

If you would like to have use review something, go ahead and contact

Spread the word to all your magic friends and magicians!


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