Review of Inversion – the Inside Out Balloon by Andrew Mayne

Here is another guest review from Adeline. This is not the “Inversion” that Ning performed last year, you can watch that here. This is a tamer stunt but I think well suited for casual and kids performances. See what Ade has to say:


This is a very simple effect, where the magician takes off the nozzle off the balloon, puts it back on, and as a finale, pushes the nozzle into the balloon so that it is now inside-out (ie. Inversion). Effects-wise, I do not find it an extremely strong one, but it is quite amazing and I can see it working well in the context of a party where there are balloons.

Set-up:  If you’ve not tried this before, the ‘set-up’ will require a bit of time and reasonable effort will be needed to learn exactly how to do it. Once you’re experienced, it is as simple as pumping up the balloon (if you’re like me and do not like blowing it) and tying it before you’re ready to go. Be warned though, if you do not like balloons, or are scared of balloons, the set-up will be a torture to you. Mayne mentioned in the DVD that once you have experience and is confident of doing the set-up, you can actually do it right in front of your audience. Personally, I think that would be hard to achieve, but it is a possibility.

Thoughts: If you’re familiar with balloons (and their properties) you would more or less be able to guess the method once you watch the performance. The only thing that may puzzle would be the set-up. At least this was the case for me. Performance is straightforward and simple. It does not mean you do not need practice, but it is definitely not something of heavy legerdemain that would take you very long to master. Magical-effects wise, I felt that the taking off of the nozzle was somewhat weak, but the pushing in of the nozzle (inversion part) was pretty interesting. A downside of the taking off of the nozzle means that the balloon cannot be totally transparent which causes the finale effect to be somewhat diminished. For some reason, this effect strikes me as a more ‘magic puzzle’ than a ‘magic – wow’ effect, perhaps because traditionally, there are people who challenge balloonists with items to be put in the balloon.

On the whole, this is actually quite a neat effect. Magic with balloons (as in balloons being the main ‘focus’ so to speak) are quite few and far between – the only ones I can recall being Wand through Balloon, ‘Balloon Illusion” from Tenyo. Hence, I do find this an interesting addition to ‘balloon magic’. Plus the fact that you can give this out as a souvenir makes it a cute party thing to learn.

3 of 5 stars.”

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