Review of FOURSEEN by Wayne Dobson

Here is another guest review by Adeline. She is reviewing an effect by Wayne Dobson who was the top British magician in the 1990s. He was an excellent general practitioner of magic which an expertise in all areas of the craft. Above all, he was an entertainer who could command an audience with nothing more than his personality and sponge balls. Don’t believe me, check out his Royal Variety Performance on Youtube! Enjoy Ade’s reveiw!

“FOURSEEN is a strong card prediction routine. Due to the nature of this effect, it is indeed a pack small; play big effect, which can do well for close-up, parlour and stage. FOURSEEN is a more streamlined version of Pack Six which was shown on Wayne Dobson’s TV Special, of which the performance is included in this DVD. Watching the performance can give you an appreciation of how you can ‘play big’ with this.

Prior to this DVD, I had already come across J C Sum’s Folded Selections (an independent creation) that was released in 1996. Folded Selections and FOURSEEN have similar plot and essentially reveal the predictions in a similar manner. However, I would say that Folded Selections is more appropriate for a performer who is not so strong presentation-wise, due to the in-build ‘cues’ within.

I like the buildup of the routine. I found the original Pack Six too long (not in Dobson’s case, just in the usual context), but being a streamlined version, FOURSEEN was better – with a revelation of four cards. As you might guess, Dobson’s original effect was for 6 people, which would make it a little too lengthy, especially for those who are weaker in the pacing and rhythm of magic effects.

Matthew J. Dowden does the teaching in the DVD – which was pretty well-done. It was clear and simple, easy enough to follow. There is no extremely difficult sleight of hand involved, as the effect emphasizes mainly on the presentation. 

There are two of the printed folded out cards that are included with the DVD. These should be able to last you for some time. But if not, it should be easy enough to get them replaced. I’d definitely recommend this effect.

4 of 5 stars.”

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