Review of “Bluff” by Queen of Heart Productions

This is a very differently produced and directly magic DVD. Produced in France, the DVD starts with a short film with magic but with some routine presented with continuity in sort of a storyboard. It was entertaining and fresh.

The producers of “Bluff” are anti single shot camera work, MTV style, one effect teach-in DVD which is why they produced this DVD set with a wide variety of close-up material.

The DVD features seven different young magicians performing very visual effects. I would hesitate to call all the items routines as some are just effects. You will have to weave the effects into your own existing repertoire.

There is really too much material to list here but there will be a lot of great material to choose from. Some stand-out effects/ routines for me include:

One Coin Flash – A kicker type coin routine hat is great for a casual performance for friends. It requires you performing with the coin on you thigh, while seated (for example on a park bench).

Moulin Rouge 2, CanaSpin and Fanny are a few incredible flourishes in the vein of Dan & Dave Buck. Some looking mind-numbingly hard but if you can do it – kudos to you!

Incandescence is a coin production from a piece of flash paper lit by a lighter held by a spectator.

Copsilver is a ridiculously sweet looking copper silver transpo in the spectator’s hands with an even more ridiculous technical method. This is one of those routines that you will do just for the thrill and fun of being able to do it.

Bruxelles is a unique two-card routine that is visual and uses non standard sleights. This is something that will appeal to card workers bored with the same old stuff.

The DVD has also 3 rose productions at the fingertips which is perfect for walkaround work and weddings! If you always wanted to produce roses for close-up, you will find practical and visual methods here!

This is a very different DVD in terms of production and content. If you are looking for different visual magic of a wide variety and are prepared to put in the hours of work, you will enjoy this DVD set. 5 out of 5 stars.

You can buy it here from Ning’s sexy Magic Boutique here.

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