Review of Card Construcions by Ollie Mealing

This is one of the latest offerings from Big Blind Media. The DVD is in line with their solid production values.

Ollie Mealing shares various original techniques and a couple of card routines in this DVD. The material is not for the complete beginner as there are intermediate card techniques and handlings involved. Here are some highlights:

Pit Control is a nice. natural and economical sequence to get a card selected from the deck to Marlo “Tilt” position. Great for ambitious card sequences or any routine that requires a control to the same position in the deck.

Barrier Shift is another technique for shift fans. While visually deceptive, it looks “move-y” and like something has happened. As stressed many times, all a spectator has to do is suspect a move even if they do not see it. And, secret shifts like this should be invisible and seemingly motionless.

Station Double achieves what a double from the centre achieves but again, like the Barrier Shift as above, it is visually deceptive but suspicious.

“Constructing the Deck” is an all backs type routine leading to the full printing of a deck. The structure is great and my only quip is that he refers to the cards and “exposes” apparent double backed cards to the audience.

“Four Sugars” is a nice deceptive way of locating 3 mates of a selected card, without culling. I do cull but this was a great way to do it if you do not cull. I liked this!

“Triple Coincidence” is a great coincidence-plot type effect. It is a neat effect but I felt the handling can be streamlined. Lots to do (secretly) with not a tremendous payoff; but worthy of study.

The Sandwich Meal – This is not for the casual performance because your audience really needs to pay attention to follow but not too much that they will get confused. It is a mesh of plots with a decent payoff that the audience will react to.

Flat Pack – This is an effect where the audience chooses two cards, one to represent a suit and the other to represent a value to get chose a random card. It was confusing from the start and makes sense later, but maybe because of reconstructing the method. i.e. the educated audience would understand why you needed to have a card selected in such an indirect way. It was confusing, maybe it was the live performance in the pub. I did not like it particularly but, I think the thinking and techniques used have great potential.

Graffiti Sandwich is a solid sandwich routine that utilizes his “Station Double” move.

Recommended for the intermediate card worker looking for new material 4 out  of 5 stars.

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