J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning on Duel Mahakayra Magician Live TV Show!

Finally, the time came for us to take the stage for “Duel Mahakayra Magician”. We were excited but ready to do the best act we could as we were representing Singapore in this international magic showcase.

Besides, four of Indonesia’s top magicians Deddy Corbuzier, Romy Rafael, Joe Sandy and Limbad, we were sharing the stage with Peter Marvery (Swiss), Omar Pasha (France) and Marc Spelman (U.K.)

The show began at 730pm and we were right smack in the middle of the show at 930pm… yes, it was a long show 🙂

I’ll share my thoughts on the rest of the show later but here are some shots of our act as well as from the end of the show. 

Please excuse the grainy quality of the live show photos as they are vidcaps from a mobile phone. Some photos are courtesy of Fenella Dharmawan.

I took the stage first with a pair of flaming torches. The constant thought that was running through my mind was “Do not slip!” You see, the surface of the stage is large high impact plastic laminate. It looks good but does not last long. However, it is perfect for TV shows that are just filming for a day. It looks good on TV as there is a nice glossy finish. I worked on this surface several times with MediaCorp.

The problem is… the surface is extremely slippery. If you are wearing sports shoes with rubber shoes, you will be fine. But, if you are wearing dress shoes with leather soles…oh boy!

So, throughout the act, half my physical energy is braking and balancing. There were at least 3 instances that I felt myself slide! But, thankfully, no slips and falls!

Ning makes her magical appearance in our “Crystal Appearance” illusion and then moves to take center stage with her “Dance of the Sais”. Classic ‘Magic Babe’!

Our first signature illusion was up next in the form of “Crystal Metamorphosis”. I must say this was one of the fastest executions of the illusion we achieved. It was decent and the crowd loved it!

After “Crystal Meth”, the host of the show came up to ask to chat and this lead to the introduction of “360 Sawing”.

The crowd went wild during the “360′ phase of the illusion!

There were no incidents this time and the illusion was technically perfect! 🙂

At the end of the show, around 11.00pm+, we took the stage for the curtain call. Since this was supposed to be a “deul” between Indonesian top magicians and international magicians, we were supposed to be staging at opposite ends of the stage. Kind of like a we vs them layout.

However, something must have been lost in translation because Peter Marvey and team stood in the exact middle of the stage. I signalled for his dancer to move him but he did not budge, as did the floor manager. Then it occured to me, Peter is Swiss… so he must be neutral and not be on any side! 😛

After the show, we took tons of photos with fans and attended another press conference.

Here we are with the legendary Black Art master, Omar Pasha, and his son, Louie.

With Marc Spelmann… yes, he does not have eyeballs.

These next shots were taken the next morning but I thought I would include them here.

This shot is with the management team of the hotel, Grand Tropic.

With Mr Budi, operations manager with RCTI. He took great care of us!

With Peter Marvey

With Marc again!

Look out for a cool little “amateur” vid we are putting together. It will be out real soon!

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3 Responses to J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning on Duel Mahakayra Magician Live TV Show!

  1. Cool….
    you update you blog very soon…

  2. Yudist says:

    Nice performance on Duel Mahakarya Magician JC n BabeNing…. always keep it up…. you guys was so wondelful…..

    Marc Spelmann was the lucky one, he came to Indonesia without carrying anything… he bought the nails and the spoons in Indonesia… wkwkwkw….

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