What is “Duel Mahakarya Magician”?

So, what exactly is the TV special all about? Briefly, the concept of the show is that 4 top Indonesian magicians will have a “duel” with 4 top international magicians. From what we understand, home viewers will get a chance to SMS their votes for that favourite between each pair of fueding magicians.

For example, Indonesia’s top mentalist, Deddy Corbuzier, will go head to head with well-known U.K. mind reader, Marc Spelmann. Hypnotist, Romy Rafael will go up against Swiss Peter Marvey.

The TV Station looked globally for international magicians specializing in different genres to be part of the show.

Ning & I were honoured to have been picked to represent Singapore (or the rest of Asia really, outside of Indonesia) to showcase our unique brand of urban illusions.

We will feud with “Master of Numbers” Joe Sandy. Now, who do you think will fine that fight? A sexy hot sai-wielding fearless magician along with her mega illusionist partner or “Mr Calculator”… haha … Just kidding.

The “duel’ concept of the show is a great promotional gimmick and Ning & I will just do our best. Winning is not everything… it is the only thing!

As I mentioned before, the warmth and hospitality shown by the Indonesian fans and magicians has been incredible. As such, we will be holding a small Facebook contest just for our Indonesian fans and friends. The winner will get a US$200 prize hamper filled with goodies.

So tune in the “Duel Makakayra Magician” later today and check out (and join) our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/jcsum.magicbabening for more details!


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