Day 3 Afternoon in Jakarta, Indonesia for Duel Mahakayra Magician

The day of the live show, we were scheduled to do a full rehearsal with lighting and cameras. This gave us a chance to work on the actual stage and have the director and cameramen familiar with what we going to do. While we have no critical angles to protect for any of our illusions, there are some illusions that need to be framed right so that they look good for TV and the full effect can be seen by home viewers.

We also worked out the exact positions of the illusions based on the camera positions. We fine-tuned the blocking and transitions of the illusions based on feedback from own team and the RCTI production team.

In the middle of the rehearsals, a live TV entertainment show did a piece with us to promote “Duel Mahakayra Magician”. We showed them with our “360 Sawing” illusion and even let the host check out the solid steel blades!

We actually had two incidents during the rehearsal of our act 😦

I suffered a cut and bruise on my shin during “Crystal Metamorphosis” and poor Ning had a nasty bump and indentation on her head from “360 Sawing”. This was due to a flaw in the original design of “360 Sawing”. We rebuilt 98% of the prop leaving this particular component untouched as we did not think it would cause any trouble. :-S Anyway, once the prop comes back to us, we will be rebuilding that component as well.

Ning was quite bad disoriented from the landing on her head and neck. Thank god there was no open wounds and she did not suffer a concusssion. The fiesty gal even ended the illusion with full choregraphy during the rehearsal and most did not know something went wrong until after the rehearsal. She is such a trooper and I’m so proud of her. Hate it when she gets injured.

Luckily, the injuries were not serious and the show must go on! I’m sure Ning will share her own vivid experience in her blog soon.


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