Day 2 in Jarkata, Indonesia for Duel Mahakayra Magician

Even though it is a Sunday, we started the day with breakfast and getting online to connect with the rest of the world. I also had to complete a business proposal so spent the first half of the day at my laptop, while the rest of the team handled the admin for our stay in Jakarta.

In the afternoon, we headed back to the indoor stadium to set up our illusions and do a blocking rehearsal. The drive was short (no traffic – whew!) and we headed to an airconditional room that was our storage area. Our 3 ATA cases were packed next to Peter Marvey’s and Omar Pashas.

Upon inspection, one of our cases had a big dent obviously made by the careless operation of a forklift by the cargo company. No big deal, that is what the flight cases are for and the illusions were perfectly intact.

We set up our props in record time, since now all our illusions just roll into cases, without much breakdown.

Props were moved from storage up to the backstage or rather side stage area. Check out the size of the entire stage. If you look carefully, you can see us on the left (stage right), the main stage is almost twice the size of the side stage.

Once all the props were on stage, we did our own blocking and run through of the exact prop positions on stage and how we move & transit between illusions.

As the show will be a live broadcast, there is little room for error. Because of the huge stage size and the framing of the cameras, we need to know exactly how and when to move so that the cameras pick up only the best shots. We also need to keep the flow of the act going and maintain the gives both ourselves equal focus throughout the act. As we are the only duo on the show, the dynamics for our act is very different from anyone else. 

We managed to wrap up our entire set-up and blocking within the project 2-hour period and headed back to our hotel to run through our own special effect cues and administrative production work over dinner. 

Dinner is an interesting affair in any country as it is a gamble to order international cuisines in another country. For example, will Singapore Laksa taste the same in Indonesia? Ning braved the choice and was contentedly rewarded. Having Indonesian food for the past couple of means, I decided to go Western and choice their novelty giant hamburger. Now, the thing was really huge as you can see…

BUT, the beef pâté is very then (a mere 8mm?) and does not really fill the bread. It was a visually novel but unsatisfying mean. I did manage to eat through ¼ of the bun!

The team is all geared up for the full technical and camera rehearsals tomorrow as well as the live show.

Stay tuned!


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