Day 1 in Jakarta, Indonesia for Duel Mahakayra Magician

In you have been following us on Facebook, you know that we have been in Jakarata, Indonesia for the past two days. The hospitality from the hosting TV station, local magicians and fans has been nothing short of incredible.

Here is a run down of what we experienced on Day One.

We touched to Jarkata on Sat evening and were immediately met at the disembarkation point by Mr Budiman, an officer from RCTI, the TV station who is hosting us. The team comprising of Larry and Adeline, who are our invaluable road managers for our gig here for the TV special, were swiftly brought through immigration and customs. 

Once we cleared past customs, a TV camera was already on us and we did a quick “greeting and promo” piece for the entertainment channel that was doing promo for the TV show.

We were then whisked off by SUV to Istora Senayan (an indoor Stadium) where a major music concert was taking place as part of RCTI’s 21st anniversary celebrations. Ning & I were guests at the concert along with other international magicians, Omar Pasha (from France) and Marc Spelmann (from the U.K).

Following a brief stopover at the concert, we headed to a press event to promote the upcoming TV show that will be airing live on RCTI on 23 Aug 2010, 7.30pm.

There was a huge press turnout and Ning & I were immediately reminded of our mega illusion events.

 The press event was a blast and we had friendly banter with the Indonesian magicians who we are “dueling” with (more on this later). I think the press liked us as they were very warm towards us.

Here I am having fun telling the media what to expect from our performance.

Ning takes the floor and charms the entire audience.

 After the press conference, various media outlets conducted one on one interviews with us and we took a ton of photos. Many of these media were from entertainment channels that were running promos of the upcoming TV show.

As you can gather, this show is a big deal here!         

Here we are with our direct “duel” competitor, Joe Sandy, “Master of Numbers”. He was a past winner of “The Master” as reality TV magic competition, much in the style of “American Idol” or more accurately, “Phenomenon” or “The Next Uri Geller”.

Speaking to the legendary “Black Art” specialist Omar Pasha and his family.

After the hour-long press event, we headed back to the VIP room and mingled with other magicians.

Here we are getting brief on the next day’s activities by the show producer.

Romy Rafael is a famous Indonesian Hypnotist and also owner of my illusion books 😀    

Fabian Dharmawan, a RCTI show producer and spearheading the TV special has been extremely professional, accommodating and just darn good at his job. It has been a pleasure working on this show with him.

Finally, at about 10pm, we headed to our hotel, Grand Tropic, for the first time. It is a very comfortable suite hotel that is very much an apartment with multiple rooms for the entire team. We had an order-in room service dinner at our dining table before calling it a day.


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