Review of The Magical Arts Journal

In the mid 1990s, Michael Ammar was the top magic teacher on video and is probably responsible for grooming many magicians worldwide with his “Easy to Master” series. He is extremely competent as a technician and performer and I personally consider him one of the top close-up magicians in the world for his all-round competencies.

Michael had a boost of mainstream exposure on US TV when he appeared on David Letterman’s Close-up Magic Week recently. I felt he was one of the stand-out performers in that week. He was very seasoned, poised and appeared comfortable, yet I knew he was fully prepared. You can watch it here.

Recently, Michael has re-released “The Magic Arts Journal” (MAJ) in a hard cover book compilation. In the mid 80s. the MAJ was one of the most respected magic journals with contributions from many stars of magic. Many of the contributers are veterans of today and highly regarded by peers & the educated magic community.

There are dozens and dozens of gems in this book and much, if not all, the material has stood up well over time. In fact, it shows just how ahead of its time a lot fo the effects were in MAJ. There are contributions (original effects and essays) by magicians such as Jay Sankey, Joe Givan, Larry Jennings, David Roth, John Kennedy, Richard Sanders, Eugene Burger, David Regal, Paul Harris and many more. There is even an interview with Lance Burton (even before he opened at the Hacienda with his own show. Now he is about to close his 14 -year run at Monte Carlo).

A alot of Michael’s own material from “The Magic of Michael Ammar” and subsequent videos were first published in the MAJ. His Bottle Production, Cups & Balls and Incredible Coins Across are examples of the quality of material that are contianed within the MAJ.

Highest recommendation for the serious close-up magician and the sheer wealth of material in this compilation book. 5 out of 5 stars.

The book is also available in a limited edition autographed copy for collectors.

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