World’s Best Homemade Gourmet Marshmallows!

Check out the yummy marshmallows floating and partially melting in a steaming cup of hot chocolate!

Recently, Ning  traded in her magic wand (ok… she doesn’t really use a wand) for a spatular and mixer by whipping up a variety of pastries and goodies. Her latest creation is her homemade honey lemon passion fruit marshmallows… non-tofu inspired this time around (inside joke)

This batch of fluffy soft marshmallow cubes were prepared to perfection with her own creative receipe. The texture was just right on the outside and biting down on it, you get the fluffiness and full flavour of the honey, lemon and passionfruit all at once. I also felt the density was perfect for melting into hot chocolate!

Didn’t think gourmet marshmallows could be homemade without special equipment? 😉

After hearing her ideas for her next two batches of marshmallows, I can’t wait to see how the wildly creative mix will taste like. LC4L


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