The Red Envelope

Oooohhhh…. what is “The Red Envelope”?

Well, it is the first piece of mentalism that we are offering the magic community. As you probably know, I have written a number of books on original illusion design and have almost 50 original designs available through my books and digital plans ( ).

I’ve been developing material on  this specific branch of magic since 2002 and have only performed the material for private shows. Ning & I did include one of the routines in our “Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions” public show earlier this year along with Singapore’s first mega prediction in the form of “The Impossible 4D Prediction”.

Over the years, I’ve developed more than a handful of original methods and presentations for various mentalism routines. After more than 8 years, I’ve decided to release a few items, starting with “The Red Envelope”, naturally through Ning’s “Magic Boutique”.

“The Red Envelope” is probably the cleanest, most streamlined and strongest version of Kenton Knepper’s Original “Kollosal Killer”. Here is the effect:

The mentalist displays a thin leather wallet and explains it contains a red envelope and a prediction in the form of a single playing card. 

He opens the wallet to show a red envelope inside the clear window pocket on one side of the wallet. The mentalist explains that he will reveal the prediction card shortly as well as the contents of the envelope. He removes the red envelope and sets it down on the table. 

The mentalist has a spectator mentally select a playing card in the fairest possible manner with no ambiguous choices to be made. 

Upon naming the thought-of card, the mentalist opens the wallet and removes a single face down card and places it on the table. 

The spectator is invited to turn over the card to reveal the prediction. The red envelope is opened to reveal its contents for a show-stopping finale!

“J C Sum has my official permission to release “The Red Envelope”, and I am happy to have him do so. For “Kolossal Killer” fans, this will be a welcome addition. 

This presentation and variation on my original method can be quite entertaining indeed, and J C has been sure to give you all the little touches for what he does. I even contributed a few notes on his idea myself.  

I always appreciate real talent and respect and I am happy to say J C and his partner, ‘Magic Babe’ Ning, have both. I am sure that you will enjoy “The Red Envelope.”  

– Kenton Knepper

Thanks to Kenton for his support on this routine! Ning & Shaun Ashley See gave invaluable contributions to the handling. Ning’s brilliant suggestion of one part in particular is a thing of beauty.

Please note, you do need to own Kenton’s original “Kollosal Killer” to perform this routine and appreciate the handling/ presentation. This is available from Magic Boutique as well as direct from Kenton.

For those that are familiar with the original “Kollosal Killer”, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Only one wallet is used, which is set in front of the audience from the start of the routine
  2. The wallet, envelope and card are not gimmicked in anyway
  3. No need for special jackets, clothing or pockets. Perfect for Pocket & Street Mentalism!
  4. You can put together the routine for under US$12 (assuming you own Kenton’s original “Kollosal Killer” routine)
  5. Nothing is gimmicked
  6. Both Close-up & Parlour versions are detailed 

“The Red Envelope” is only US$10 and is available as a PDF exclusively from Magic Boutique here. It is available worldwide including Singapore & Malaysia.

Oh, remember, orders for standard Magic Boutique orders are being made this Wed. This month Aug 2010, if you spend over S$140 (U$100), you will stand a chance to win a copy of my first illusion design book “Illusionary Departures 2nd Edition”. As you know, the book is not available to customers in Singapore & Malaysia BUT we will be making an exception for this promotion!

So, you could possibily be the ONLY person in Singapore or Malaysia who gets their hands on this book. This promotion is open to local and international customers!

Remember, to sign up as a Magic Boutique customer as you get a lifetime 10% discount. In addition, Magic Boutique has reduced shipping costs for you so you save the most with Magic Boutique!


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