Review of “The Flip Shift” by John B. Born

If you have John’s previous offering “Meant to Be” and enjoyed it, you will like this too.

The Flip Shift is a an original technique for doing a shift while taking the deck out a box. While it is is a shift in terms of function, the mechanics are completely different. This is not an easy technique but I believe it is within the reach of most advanced card magicians with practice.

While this is a technique, it is specific to the effects that can employ this technique. So, in a sense, it is not just another pass or card control. There are two routines explained, which if performed flawlessly, can be very strong and direct magic. Is it worth the effort? Maybe, depending on what you like ultimately in terms of an effect.

For example, the primary reason to learn and employ this technique is to do a direct “A Card at Any Number” routine. Basically, the deck is encased in the card case. A card and number (1 – 52) are named and the chosen card is located at the named number after the magician removes the deck out of the case. While it reads simple, there is much you have to learn to do in order to perform it. But, if you do, you will have a real fooler… including magicians.

The booklet comes with detailed instructions and multiple coloured photographs of the step-by-step moves needed to accomplish the Flip Shift. If you are not completely new to magic, you will have no problem performing this. This is an above-intermmediate card technique and if you cannot double lift, pinky count, shift, pass or do multiple shifts, you are not ready for this.

If you are into hardcore card innovations, ACAAN plots and shifts/ passes, you will love this, 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

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