Review of “Audio” by Eric Jones

I reviewed Eric Jones’ “An Extension of Me” DVD set last month.

Here is a guest review from Kinetic Gal on one of the latest offerings available from Magic Boutique.

“Performance and Requirement

In this DVD, Eric Jones teaches his version of an old plot of coins across – to his pockets, with each coins arriving individually at the pocket audibly. The selling point of this is of course, the audio aspect of it. In coin routines, the sound aspect adds to the strength of the illusion, and is possibly why Miser’s Dream has been such a long enduring routine. 

That being said, I’m not too sure how audible this is in the usual bar/ restaurant setting when it is really not that quiet. The performance part of the video is obviously not filmed in ‘working close-up conditions’, with a really quiet environment so I’ve my doubts in that. . Most magicians use half dollars so we would have to consider if half dollars can produce the same loud clink as dollars – which I’m very sure they do not. I’m pretty sure hence that you won’t be able to hear the clink through the background sound AND the pocket.

What is also not mentioned in the description is that you do need to be wearing sleeves and have loose and big pockets for the routine. While there is a solution for the sleeves part (which I personally do not find ideal), it does not work for me.


The plot is fairly simple and easy to follow. However, I do not like the fact that the first coin is not shown arriving in the pocket immediately after it disappears. It confuses the audience and makes the rhythm of the routine awkward. The rest of it is fairly alright. The part which I liked most was the last part of the routine – clean and strong.

Sleights and Techniques

The sleights used in this routine are simple to advance. Most of the techniques were executed fairly well, and taught fairly well, except for the Han Ping Chien move which I felt was a sloppy presentation of it. While it was not mentioned as Han Ping Chien move, it was obviously that (or has its roots in that). Marionette 1 ahead looks pretty good in Eric Jones’ hands. I did not like how the coin was picked up and vanished in the routine, but I did like the final vanish (parallel sleeve vanish), which Eric Jones credited to Jim Pace.  He also presented a version which did not require sleeves (though I did felt that was ‘cheating’ – it required, for me, folded up sleeves), but it was definitely not ideal due to the retrieval method.

Production of DVD

The DVD is fairly well produced – makes for easy viewing.

My Take

If you are looking for a different type of coins across and perform in a quiet environment like a particular bar, lounge or restaurant, you will like this variation. Personally, due to my performing environment, this routine will not work for me. I als find the simple & direct coins across (like the Michael Ammar’s “Incredible Coins Across”) stronger and clearer. 2.5 out of 5 stars.”

You can buy it here from Ning’s sexy Magic Boutique here.

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  1. jon spencer says:

    very good review man, honest! i like that. good points. thank you

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