Big Bang Theory & Bare Naked Ladies at Comicon

I’ve mentioned the hit US comedy “The Big Bang Theory” in previous entries. It is by the creator of “Two & a Half Men” and features an ensemble cast of geeks and a beauty. Season 1 & 2 are available on DVD.

The show has a huge following and the cast was recently at Comicon to talk about the show. The introduction to the session was surprise appearance of the Bare Naked Ladies who performed the theme song fo the show. It is a great catchy tune in ture Bare Naked Ladies-style and really captures the concept/ feel of the show. Quirky, fun, light-hearted and intellectual. A search on Youtube will show multiple amatuer videos of the performance. The name of the theme song is aptly called “History of Everything”.

Here is one of the characters, Sheldon (brilliantly played by Jim Parsons and one of the reasons of the show’s popularity) discussing teleportation. I bring this up only because teleporting is one of our favourite illusions to stage!

One of the things I’ve found online was the amount of creativity behind some content inspired by the show. For example, check out the promo that was used for the show. I understand it was originally the music video for the song but please correct me if I’m wrong. The artwork in sync with the lyrics of the show is brilliant!

After watching the video above, check out this awesome cover by Ryan Narciso. I think it is the best cover of the song on the Internet. He apparantly plays all the instruments to create the cover (if he is, he is incredible) and he has an awesome voice. He has different videos up and really takes effort to make them entertaining. As a huge bonus, he has got a great personality!

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