Review of “Word Sight” by Devin Knight

Back in the day, Devin Knight was building illusions (and I believe still does so selectively) and in fact, he built me a wooden packing crate Sub Trunk (about 11 years ago) which I graphically redesigned to have a “Toxic Metamorphosis” theme. I subsequently sold this trunk to a young British magician who won a major Magic Circle award last year.

In more recent years, Devin has been releasing quite a few mentalism routies and I worked with several. Overall, I have always respected the thinking behind each of his effects. There are practical, effective and work well in the context they are meant for. I particularly like his “Glass Box Prediction” which I was going to use in conjunction with our “Impossible 4D Prediction” in Jan 2010 but did not need too because we were already getting tremendous publicity.

“Word Sight” is a dictionary test designed to be used with a big fat dictionary. It is possible to be used with almost any dictionary and is perfect for school shows, library shows and book stores in the sense that you could use any dictionary from there with ome basic preparation (no damage to the dictionaries).

This is not a book test as it is designed for a dictionary based on the premise and context of the routine.

The method is practical and smart. It will require some minor preparation on your part but everything that is needed is included. You will need sufficient practice to get it down.

I think that part of the genious of the method is that it can be adapted to almost any dictionary in other languages if they follow some kind of alphabaticalor similar system. For example, a Chinese-English dicitonary would work but a traditional Chinese one would not be as straight forward.

Overall, this is a perfect edition to a mentalsim act and can be very strong.

Highest recommendation if you are looking for a dictionary test – gimmicked or ungimmicked. 5 out of 5 stars.

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