The Impossible Teleportation for Your Next Corporate or Special Event

After three years of staging South East Asia’s first ever mega illusion where I teleported 50 stories in 5 seconds, people are still talking and asking about the illusion. Many also fondly remember our us teleporting 3 people cross the Singapore River in 2.5 seconds!

In a sense, teleportations have become my signature illusion as corporate planners and show bookers are constantly requesting us to teleport ourselves, people and objects.

For the past few years, I’ve actually been trying to develop a teleportation that replicates my original 50 storey teleportation – in look, presentation and minimalistc apparatus. Well, we actually have done quite a few versions over the years. One was for a corporate launch, several dfferent versions for various special events and for the first season of “Ultimate Magic”, I teleported from different tourist attractions into The Arena at the start of every show.

I have now created a new version of “The Impossible Teleportation” that can be staged in most venues. It will look close to what was done in front of over 9000 people in 2007. I will have freely called up numbers written on my arm as before and the audience will see up to the last seconds of the vanish.

I’m pleased with the methodologies employed in this version as it was designed for stage but recreates the original. From a magical technical standpoint, it is practical to present for almost any venue (that can accomodate an illusion show). I think event organizers will be particularly thrilled as it brings the excitment of a mega illusion to their event.

I’m developing the technical design for this illusion which will still take months to fully design and fabricate. I have also conceived of different ways to fit the mega illusion into our show so that it will be unique and will make the presentation of an illusion show refreshing and different. Currently, I have two completely different ways of presenting the teleportation 🙂

If you interested to bring this one-of-a-kind original illusion to your next event or venue, let me know!


About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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