Magicians’ Favourite Illusion Plans Updated

If has been 13 months since I decided to release my original illusions in the form of digital plans – PDFs. Response has been tremendous and I have now a total of 11 design plan packages available.

I know for a fact that the plans have been popular especially with magicians tightening their belts because of the economic downturn. The plans allow them to save by buying only specific illusions they need at a given time. Having said that, the books definitely offer a much greater value.

Detailed building plans are very important for people looking to actually have the props built. Whether you are  seasoned builder or a new one, nothing is more tme-consuming than to try to figure out dimensions and material.

That is why, I always believe that plans must come with dimensions as a guide. This will then allow builders to trim and add based on their physical sizes or needs. I’ve heard some designers say they do not give dimensions as it will not help since no two performers are the same size. I think it is just lazy.

Even a rough estimate allows a builder to know how big the prop will be, how easy or difficult it will be to build and how much material will be needed. These are practical issues that makes an illusion build easy or difficult.

Thought out dimenisons and considering how the thickness of the material affects dimensions (internal and external). This directly impacts the deceptiveness of the prop and also how the prop may ultimately look.

So rest assured, my plans are as detailed as I can go with dimensions and specifications. You will have to tailor dimensions to your needs and still “figure” out some stuff, especially if you are new to building but by and large, the plans will get you on the right footing.

Last year, the “Magicians’ Favourite Illusion Plans” were:

1) Plan #4 – Metamorphosis

2) Plan #5 – Appearances

3) Plan #7 – Box Jumpers

After 13 months, the top 3 has changed slightly!

1) Plan #4 – Metamorphosis

2) Plan #7 – Box Jumpers

3) Plan #9 – VIP Appearances

Plan #4 – Metamorphosis is still tops as many people are keen to learn about my design for “Crystal Metamorphosis”. There is really more than meets the eye to this seemingly simple prop but it is all the inbuilt design features that allows the performers to do such an instant exchange. Yes! You can build a solid version of “Crystal Metamorphosis” if you like.

I knew from the start that Plan #7 – Box Jumpers would be of interest to many magicians & illusionists as there is a need for new illusions of this nature. While fantastic illusions, “The Sword Basket”, “Zig Zag”, “Mini Kube Zag” and “Origami” are just over performed and serious performers looking to differentiate themselves are always on the look out for something different. My new design for “Seven by Half” and the original “Squeezed & Skewered” are very practical two-person illusions that can be performed almost anywhere.

Plan #9 – VIP Appearances caught on very fast soon after I released it. Producing a VIP or celebrity is always a request a magician is asked to perform and I offer 3 original methods for this.

You can buy any of my plans or books at my illusion store front @ Magic Boutique here.

This month ONLY, if you order more than $150 worth of products (mine or any others in the Magic Boutique catalogue), you will get a free magic DVD. And, if you visit our Facebook page ( ) and find the promo code, you can get another FREE DVD If you spend more than S$150 in Jul 2010. So, that is TWO free DVDs.


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