Illusion Designing for Corporate Customization

I did an unofficial count of the magic & illusion effects in our reportoire. We currently have 73 professional routines & presentations in our arsenal that we rotate in & out for corporate, special events and venues. That is actually a lot of material to draw from!

The material has naturally been built through the years and we always manage to find a place for different items because of our custom work, whether for live shows or TV. If you watched Sony Style TV on AXN this pat week, you might have realized the opening illusion was a rehash of an illuson we presented at “Ultimate Magic” daily for over a year.

We just put together an innovative show for two anniversay corporate events where the venues and performing conditions are very challenging. But, we managed to design a show that not only incorporated the product but also the theme and nature of the event.

Currently, I’m going through a process of relooking at all our material with the purpose of reinventing our entire repertoire. Reinvention and change is part and parcel of the any business or career. It is necessary to be relevant and fresh in a fast-paced business environment.

As I have blogged about before, we have actually been working on a whole new show of material for some time now. The intention was always to move to this new content at some point. This is content we have never presented publicly before but will not come as a complete surprise to people who have been following our work closely.

One catalyst was my desire to create new ways of customizing our craft for the corporate arena. We set the standard and benchmark for magic customization in this part of the world and many magicians have taken the cue and tried to adapt their magic for customized work. As such, there may seem to be too much similar material presented by different magicians in different Asian countries with varying degrees of competency.

I want to create new material to present corporate launches & business messages in a refreshing way. In fact, I have come up with a number of novel ideas for some recent events where magic is used in a completely different way from before. For example, a direct application to use magic for a corporate launch is to make the product appear magicially. Done well, this can be very effective but I think it is losing its novelty.

My intention is to create customized acts with a high level of audience interaction at multiple levels and senses. This is also in line with the current user-generated content world and “reality TV” economy. Engagement and surprise are tools that a lot of customized magic is not utilizing at the moment.

Hopefully, this breaks new ground for corporate launches and business events. I think forward-thinking corporate planners who are always looking for new ideas will be interested to present these ideas to clients who are always demanding fresh ideas!


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International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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