Review of “Steal This DVD” by Eric Ross

Here is a DVD whose whole style is very edgy, contemporary and will appeal to this current generation of magicians -post-Blaine and Angel.

Eric Ross’s style is very much “Street” in terms of his dressing, delivery and directness of effect. His routines are much shorter and direct compared to more traditional close-up working pros such as Peter Eggink and Aaron Fisher whose DVDs I reviewed recently. This is not  criticism but just an observation of the distinct difference between the generations of performers. Note: the age difference is probably not more than 10 – 15 years.

“Linkage” is a very direct and visual linking rubber band effect. I’m wondering how practical it is for real-life performance work, but it is wonderful for a street or Youtube performance.

“Breathe”, “Think Ink”, & “Explode” are three cool card revelations that I have definitely seen before. Eric might have slight variations from the originals but not enough to credit as his own. However, they are still solid effects. Perfect for “Street” style performances.

“Wager” is a nice effect which involves, a transposition of a sighted card with a folded bill in the spectator’s hand. The plot is not groundbreaking but I felt his solution was elegant in all aspects.

“Book Smart” is another card revelation but utilizes a principle which Eric feels which is open to other applications. Again, this does not feel “new” to me as it is based on an Arthur Emerson effect. But, maybe this is the first time it is on DVD, with this exact construction. 

“The Infection” is a geek-style effect that would freak your audience’s mind, very much in the style of Criss Angel. You will need to have a pierced ear to perform this. Incidentally, Penn & Teller created a similar effect but gave permission for Eric’s independent creation to be released.

Technique-wise, while Eric has basic chops, his sleights and handling did not have enough finnese for my liking. But, that is really a personal observation that does not distract from the learning of his shared effects.

If you are into street magic and are looking for a variety of effects, I would recommend this. 4 out of 5 stars.

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