Am I a Professional Magic Reviewer?

No, I am not! Although, you must have noticed many reviews in the past few weeks. Magic Boutique received a bundle of products to review so I thought I would pitch in and help. I guess I did not know what I was in for and ended up with almost more than I could handle. My brain was almost fried by the time I went through everything. But I did learn some new things which is the point in growing in the art. However, I also had to sit through some painful material…

But regardless, I do feel an obligation to do good reviews. An obligation to the creators of the products who took their time and effort to put them on the market. An obligation to the creators of the products who sent us the products for review. And an obligation to the readers of this blog.

Honestly, I really don’t mind doing the reviews (if it were a full-time job, I would probably go crazy after a month) as I’m often reminded of things I have read, watched or thought about before. Every now and then I learn something completely new that I can apply to my professional work. If not, I’ve always felt students of the art should expand their knowledge in all fields of magic. Reviewing products actually expose me to material I would not necessary look at if I did not have to. So, I’m thankful Ning allows me to go through whatever I want.

I see that orders are bustling in for Magic Boutique. Many are taking advantage of the new lifetime 10% discount and the promo code that can only be found on our Facebook page at BTW, the promo code does apply to my products as well!

I did an unofficial test among popular legitimate magic shops, both local & the US and currently, Magic Boutique offers the best value to Singapore and regional customers. If you sign up with a customer account, you will get a lifetime 10% discount (non membership fees or upfront payments). In addition, shipping costs have been reduced so that you can save more. Basically, at the end of the day, you will find it hard to find better value anywhere else.

Plus, only Magic Boutique carries my exclusive illusion products too 🙂 And with Ning’s zero-tolerance policy for piracy or unethical business practice from Day 1, you can be assured that nothing is pirated, duplicated or illegally reproduced in parts.

Oh, here’s a tip if you are trying to search for a product in the Magic Boutique website: There is a search box at the top right side of each page, above the categories. Type in the product name and name of the creator/ author to get accurate hits. The search logarithm can be a bit strange at times so here is another tip. Go to and search for the item. If they carry it, it will be in the Magic Boutique catalogue as well. Simply cut & paste the title in the Magic Boutique search box and you will find it 100%!


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