Behind the Magic of Sony Style

Thanks for the support on our appearance on Sony Style this week! Check out the repeat air dates on to catch the show if you missed it!

Several people and magicians expressed interest in the two effects we presented on Sony Style this week.

For the first illusion, we came up with at least half a dozen methods and illusions for this opening act and finally decided on this. The illusion is a classic stage illusion but adapted for the enviroment in look and method.

It actually came to us when we did a site inspection of the filming venue. This specific area of the carpark was a storage area for maintenance tools, equipment and spare parts for hording and barricades. An illusion that could be created out of panels and work tools was a natural fit. This illusion also fit the storyline of the show so was perfect to have the host participate in the illusion to make Ning appear from light provided by a worklight.

The second close-up effect was the result of playing around with the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini mobile phone which was the featured product of the program. I was quite pleased with this effect as it was very visual and had many surprises. It borrowed elements of Paul Harris, an item created by Chazpro as well as original elements. We custom made two items needed to create the effect and worked out the performance based on the venue.

When developing material for a TV show, one must be familiar with the nature of watching magic through the camera lens. The directing of the cameras, framing and position of the cameras are also critical in making sure the magic is communicated well and captured clearly.

The choice of material has to be in line with the direction, theme and storyline of the show as we are guests on the show. Pragmatism also suggests that we have to work within the limits of the production budget allocated to us.

At the same time, we want to try our best to present magic that looks different from anything else currently on TV. From personalities, material and presentation style, the effort to create differentiation is tremendous and I hope it translate on television.

We also want to protect the integrity of the magic and stay away from camera tricks or edits. Essentially, everything that was presented on the show can be presented in a live show as well.

In my lecture notes, “Beyond the Stage”, I actually have a chapter devoted to “Producing Magic for TV”. You can check out the print notes here or PDF version here. This set of lecture notes is available worldwide, including Singapore & Malaysia.

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One Response to Behind the Magic of Sony Style

  1. Frankie says:

    Awesome job guys! Loved the card trick 🙂

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