Review of “PURE” DVD by Peter Eggink

Peter Eggink is a solid thinker in magic and has released some very good material & products over the years. I have his “Exit” routine which is great and had planned to use it on TV… I still do.

He has released a new DVD called “Pure”.

It contains 6 sleight of hand routines which are very well constructed and Peter performs them in real live settings. Sleight of hand practitioners and students of magic will appreciate the technique, timing and misdirection utilized in the routines. I consider them good-old-fashioned close-up magic. Many of the routines are modern classics and they are the stuff I worked with in my formative 6 – 8 years in magic.

While it might not have the edgy feel of some of today’s street magic effects, this collection of routines are solid professional stuff.

His first routine”Nothing” is a great routine with a silk and a coin that involves multiple production as kickers. I initially thought that he borrowed ideas from Michael Weber (Lifesavers) and Paul Harris (Art of Astonishment) for two of the kicker productions. But, Peter credited it to both Tom Stone and David Stone; which I’m sure is true. My references are American, Peter’s credits are European which is natural since he is from the Netherlands.

His “Ambitious Card” routine is fairly standard so is a good starting point if you are looking to learn the routine. It uses basic classic sleights which I feel a lot of the younger magicians have not mastered in pursuit of more flashy moves which are not as utilitarian.

“WatchUp” is his routine for Jay Sankey’s “Earplugs” sponge “ball” routine. but with his kicker watch steal finale (Hence the tile)! He teaches his technique for stealing in the course of the routine. While the idea of using a watch steal in the context of a sponge ball routine is not new, you get to learn it as part of the DVD. Tremendous value!

“In the Pocket” is a card to pocket routine and “After Bend” is  a short spoon bending routine.

“Pure” is a card prediction/ card under glass/ Impossible Opener (Doc Eason) plot that works well and will definitely fry the audience.

Overall, this is a solid DVD and I would have been thrilled to watch it when I was working restaurants and heavy into close-up. One note, the production values for the DVD are not stellar. Basically a one-camera set-up which can be a bit grainy because there is no professional lighting set-up. But, this did not distract from the quality of the material.

Highest recommendations! 5 out of 5 stars

You can buy the DVD here as well as Jay Sankey’s great “Earplugs” routine” here.

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