Cool Drink & Bar Accesories!

While I’m not a serious drinker by any means, I do enjoy the occasional glass of whiskey or red wine.

However, I just love these darn cool drink & bear accesories. Check them out!

Add a touch of cool and some old world charm to your home or office with our magnificent 16th Century globe bar. Simply lift the hinged lid to reveal an ornate interior decorated with beautiful replica Italian frescoes and a hidden liquor cabinet! Featuring all wood construction with hardwood legs, handsome brass accents, and metal rolling casters, this portable bar accommodates three full sized wine or liquor bottles and glassware for eight on the interior, plus it has an extra storage below for an additional 12 bottles.

This whimsical fire hydrant drink dispenser is a great way to store your favorite liquors and it also allows your guests to serve themselves! Simply push the top a few times and watch your guests smile in amusement while the liquor is quickly dispensed into their glass.

Pump up your favorite drink and fire the Wild West style pistol at will. Holster holds your pistol between “shoot outs”. Fits most liquor, wine, and other spirit bottles.

Its time to pry into your next cold one! This novelty bottle opener is not only the perfect fit into your bar accessories, it is also a fully functional mini crowbar!

No Prescription needed! Store your favorite liquor in this incredibly funny tabletop liquor dispenser. Giving yourself a shot has never been so painless and easy. Just place the tube in your glass turn the green wheel with your thumb and out comes your medication.


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