Creative Problem Solving

Problem solving is part of our lives, personal, professional or otherwise. Every day, we are all finding solutions to make our business, life and environment work better.

My studio library has a fair collection of books on creativity, idea generation and brainstorming. And over the years, I have developed different techniques to idea generation and problem solving.

Whether it is creativity techniques for our illusion presentations, technical designs, mega events, marketing, publicity & branding or just about anything that needs solving, there are a couple of fundamental principles/ techniques that do not change.

Here are two:

1) Know and believe that there is always a solution

Always remember that there is a solution and know it is out there. This breaks a psychological barrier in your mind. If you believe anything is possible and can be solved, this removes self-limitating restrictions you put on yourself.

It might not be the ideal perfect solution that you were hoping for at the moment but the solution is there. You have to be prepared to give & take, sacrifice and be flexible for the solution to fit the issue at hand. And, never give up. LB4L2.

2) Knowledge & Stimulus

Our brain requires stimulus to generate new ideas. Many new ideas are about connecting the dots and reinvent existing ideas. Looking through material (not necessarily related to your problem) will help generate ideas and stimulate your mind.

I often look through magazines, random websites and just about anything to help with the idea generation. Websites that features creative novelty products like this one really gets my mind racing with new ideas. There are really creative products like these:

Ninja Star Thumbdrive

Make your own board game

 A creative “exploding” chest of drawers

A baby stroller-scooter. I know someone who would love these!

3-in-1 Breakfast Appliance

Window shopping helps greatly as looking at products, window displays and human interaction may help you in finding your solution too. Many innovators have also borrowed from nature to generate ideas.

I’ll explore specific creativity techniques in future entries.


About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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