Review of “An Extension of Me” by Eric Jones

 This is the first time I’m being introduced to Eric Jones work in this 3-volume DVD set.

Volume 1

“Speedfly” – As a performer of a direct 3-Fly routine, I felt this routine had too many superfluious moves and cross overs. While it uses just 3 coins, I do not think it a good solution to the plot.

“Peregrination” Four coins across. I felt this was similar to except that you do not require a table and he had a few additional subtlities. It actually uses I move that I developed independently so I could do the Harris routine without a table but in a different manner. Jone’s critical move at this point did not look right to me as I saw it each time. But I believe for a live small group with misdirection, it would not be as suspicious.

“Flash Coins Relit” – Based on Chad Long’s “Flash Coins” routine, it is a visual 3-coin production routine from pieces of flash paper, vanish and reappearance in a purse. I personally did not like the production of the second coin as it utilizes one of the “gimmicks” too directly and sounds off.

“Standing Room Only Collectors” is a very direct and fairly simple version of the Roy Walton plot. But I think the directness in method makes it a tad obviosu to the astute spectator. He does have a nice display to give the ‘afterthough’ illusion of the Kings finding the three selections but I think it is not as strong as other versions available. Jones did teach a flashy false cut and flahsy production of four-of-a-kind that can be incorporated into any routine.

Volume 2

“Eye Candy” is his commerical spongeball routine that is fairly standard.

“”El Cambio Nada” is a very visual version of the palm change of a single card in the hands (without the deck) at chest level. It is a great colour change if you are looking for a unique front-only chest level change. The angles are better than a Snap Change but your hand needs to comfortably be able to full palm a card.

“Ambitious Force” is a neat force that card magicians will like to add to their reportoire.

“Hellbound Remix” is a nice two coin routine where magic happens with two silver coins that finally visually transform into two Chinese coins one at a time. Coin workers will appreciate his hand washes and the original  thinking behind this routine.

“Ishkabibble Sandwich” is a very nice visual sandwich effect. It looks like a gimmicked card change but it is not. Jones has an excellent two phase routine based on the Ishkabibble move. This is my favourite routine in the DVD set.

“Oxyclean Coin Routine” is his solution for a 3 silver dollar production and vanish sequence. It is Troy Hooser-ish in nature but allows you to start and end clean with an instant reset. A great piece for the worker. It is similar in parts to his Flash Coins handling so I still have a problem with the second coin production.

Volume 3

“Ambitious” is fairly standard ACR routine. “G.O.D.H.A.N.D.” is a single coin and reappearance that is probably more fun to pull off than anything else.

“Tai Chi Penetration” is of the best handling’s I have seen for the Karate Coin. It reminded me of Daniel Garcia’s Karate Coin handling which is very good as well. He does it very well and it is by no means easy.

“Impossible Production” is a four coin from hands that can be used for any routine.

There are points in the “Impossible Coins Across” that are very very very strong but I feel the routine is still not perfect. Although it does progress, each phase is still a bit too disparate from each other and does not flow nicely. However, I think there is tremedous potential for a killer routine. Serious coin workers will enjoy working through this routine.

Overall, the material is strong and Eric Jone’s is a skillful magician. His main original specialty is coins and you get lots of different routines of similar plots like productions, vanishes and coins across. Explanations were very clear and a beginner would have no problem learning the routines but you will need to know basic card and coin techniques as he only explains the more advanced techniques..

I wish the DVD navigation was a bit friendly and better designed. I would have preferred to have been able to watch all the performances at one go, however, this was not possible. Also, every performance/ explanation has an intro graphic/ music which gets very tiresome quick… and this is a 3-volume DVD set. I spent way too much unnecessary time pressing my remote and waiting for the content to actually play.

4 out of 5 stars.

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