Review of “Quantum Mechanics” by Iriving Quart

This is a hardcore card sleight DVD for the serious card workers.

Three card techniques/ sleights are explained and then demonstarted with short effects (not routines).

The main or first technique is called the “Distribution Technique” that is very specifc and a variety of effects are shown based on the technique. The Distribution Technique” which allows you to secretly distribute a number of cards, at the top of the deck, into different parts of the deck.

In my years of being in magic and a serious card magician for several of those years, I’ve never had the need to distribute four cards secretly from the top to different parts of the deck. Sure, multiple shifting multipe cards from different parts of the deck to the top is a valued technique is know & learn. I personally use the Elias Pass and before that the Marlo Multiple Shift. 

Maybe I’m missing out on a whole genre of routines and effects but I watched the “tricks” portion of the DVD and do not think I’m missing out too much. I think hardcore cardicians or magicians who session a lot and are trying to out-fool each other will love this but the average magician or working pro probably will not see value in investing time to master this technique.

Granted “PureSlap” will fry magicians but I think the real joy is to demonstrate how it is done. I suspect that is the reason to do the trick in the first place. It did look good, but I also know it is because it was of a single fixed camera point of view. I’m not sure how good this will look from different angles, not as perfect I suspect.

And for some other  tricks, while good, (like Ricochet) just looks “movey’ like he is doing something but I can’t see. Suspicion is enough to ruin the purity of a magic effect and to me, that stops being good magic. Having said that, Irving is very skilled and I’m sure he will floor magicians most of the times, but more so when he shows how he does the trick.

The second technique “Theron Multiple Shift” is a more useful technique as it is a version of the multiple shift. I’m sure in the right hands and the right angles, it will look perfect but there are angle restrictions. Again, the Marlo Multiple Shift or Elias Pass works more admirably in my opinion.

What I found strange was that the techniques were never shown from the front (audience view) at the beginning. It assumes you know how these sleights look like. The video launches straight in to an over-the-shoulder shot of the teaching of the technique.

I did like the third technique “Atfus Variation”. The “Atfus Move” is a technique that should be in most card magicians toolkit as it is used in several plots in magic. This variation is an improvement over the original and I will be using it from now on. 🙂

If recommended only to  hardcore card fanatics who have exhausted the hundreds of card techniques available and performed the thousands of card tricks in the world – 4 out of 5 stars. But 1.5 stars out of 5 stars for the rest of us who would find little value in these techniques.

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