Review of “The Magic and Mentalism of Barrie Richardson” Vol 3 DVD

This final volume expores wrapping the mentalism or magic effect around a story or metaphor to make a strong presentations.

“Quartet” is a memory demonstration that has the magician memorize an entire deck that is distributed among 4 spectators. Other mentalists have similar effects such as Richard Osterlind. It is a good demonstration but I think it would be more impressive it the cards were not called out in order. But, it still can be quite an effective demonstration.

“Zebras and The Magic Square” is a great interactive magic square routine. If you want to learn the magic square and also use this as a metaphor for life, I thought this was strong although a tad long drawn. But it is great to draw lessons from for trainers and educators.

“The Human Movie Projector” is another card memory routine with a single spectator. It is different from “Quartet” above but follows a similar premise. Again, this is a “demonstration” as opposed to performance piece.

“The Suspended Rice Jar Metaphor” is similar to “”The Incredible Water Glass Suspension” from Volume 1 but uses a jar of rice and has a great message once again. Lo and behold, the method is completely different! While audience’s may not see the difference, I can see this as a great training exercise.

“Sun and Moon Memories” is essentially a mentalism routine involving thoughts and memories. Unfortunately, his technical handlng was not good during the performance because he flashed badly. At first, I did not even know it was a flash because it was so exposed. But if done well, I think the method is workable and here is sound thinking behind it.  I’m surprised L & L did not reshoot this performance.

When Harry Lorayne was selling his memory system on TV home shopping, I saw him do a demonstration of a memorized Time magazine as his closer. It was impressive. Barrie’s “The Memorized Time Magzine”

If you are specifically looking for unique presentations that would be ideal for teachers, educators, trainers or corporate magicians, this will be quite a gem.

4.5 out of 5 stars because of the value of messages and metaphors mixed with the routines.

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