Review of “oddballs” by Scott Strange

This is quite a unique DVD that targets a fairly niche market – advanced sponge ball manipulation. I think every close-up magician has dabbled in sponge balls or rabbits at one point in her/ his career. I did it a lot during my days of working restaurants in Shangri-la, Hilton and the Four Seasons in the mid 1990s.

DVD production values are great and Scott is a humourous performer which makes for an entertaining watch. The instructions are very clear so you can learn the moves easily.

The routines are solid but not ground-breakingly different from what is out there. I did not find the techniques terribly advanced. I do think you have to be a serious sponge ball worker to greatly appreciate this DVD.  Sponge balls can be “angley” especially with different coloured balls. I personally think Albert Goshman’s routine is one overlooked one in terms of plot and the fact that 2 different sized balls are used from the start.

If sponge balls are your things, you might find value in this DVD. 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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