Review of “Levitator” by Andrew Mayne

I have all of Andrew’s early books and also watched his “Illusion EFX” DVD before this review. Besides running “itricks”, Andrew has made a name and career creating afforable illusions out of cheap materials. While, I don’t see these illusions cutting it for a professional show, there is obviously a substantial market for budding illusionists or magicians looking to experiment with bigger effects without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars.

This DVD is another contribution to the field of “affordable” illusions but specializes on levitations for stage and street.

There are 5 levitations shared in the DVD and all are practical methods with fairly good sightlines. If you want to do Criss Angel-style levitations as seen on “Mindfreak”, you can kind of recreate the illusion somewhat with the “Ultimate Levitation”.

My favourite version is “Levitator”. I think is perfect for a simple stage illusion. Budding illusionists who are looking for a cheap but effective illusion would benefit from this greatly. Angles are sensitive so you to perform on a stage where the audience are generally in front of you.

I’ve always thought Andrew is a great presenter. He speaks well and is very personable. His passion and professionalism can be seen in all his videos but he makes it light-hearted and entertaining.

Highly recommended for the curious and budding illusionists. 4 out of 5 stars.

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