Review of “Event Horizon” by Andrew Mayne

As I mentioned in another review on Mayne’s products, I have all his early books and admire his thinking. Besides running “itricks”, Andrew has made a name and career creating afforable illusions out of cheap materials. While, I don’t see these illusions cutting it for a professional show, there is obviously a substantial market for budding illusionists or magicians looking to experiment with bigger effects without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Upon first reading, the effect appears very similar to my “6 Inches” illusion detailed in “Urban Illusions” as well as my Illusion Plans #6. It is very similar in method. The big difference is his prop is much smaller and the illusion can be done without assistants.

I’m not sure how strong the effect is and how it will play for laymen. I preferred his “Levitator” DVD but this is a penetration illusion which is a different genre of illusion from the usual vanishes, appearances and floatations.

Fans of Mayne’s will probably still like this. 2.5 out of 5 stars.

You can buy it here from Ning’s sexy Magic Boutique here.

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3 Responses to Review of “Event Horizon” by Andrew Mayne

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  2. Justin says:

    Fair review. You’d be surprised how few people understand that there is a market for magic outside of their very specific niche.

    Just to clarify, Andrew is the genius creator and publisher of iTricks but I do the daily writing.

    Digging the reviews! I should interview you and Ning for the podcast sometime.

    • jcsum says:

      Hi Justin, thanks!

      Yes, I know you do most, if not all the writing 🙂 I should have mentioned it is along with “co-star of all the current DVD releases!”

      An interview sounds like fun!

      J C

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