Review of “120% Chestosteron” by Chester Sass

I had no idea that  this was a mentalism book under I read through the first 5 pages of it. I had an open mind and read through the small collection of effects described. Chester Sass is a german magician who has done TV work and this book is translated to English for the first time.

” Zodiac” is a verbal mentalism routine that allows you to determine a spectator’s thought of Zodiac sign based on questions you ask. It requires pumping/ fishing and watching for reactions based on your wording/ suggestion. I’ve never been a fan of such routines although I know it can work and when it does it would seem like a miracle. If you are a fan of Luke Jermay’s, you probably will like this. However, this might not work in Asia simply because most may not be so familiar with the characteristics of the western Zodiac.

“Music was my First Love” is a solid routine that is based on pop music. I think the method is bold but definitely workable. I do not think it will work with someone really familiar with the music scene, like a DJ, music producer or singer, but for most laymen, it will work.

“Cell phone” to me is almost a miracle if it works but honestly, I cannot see this being performed beyong a one to one or one to small group informal setting. So, it is a great effect to try on new friends you meet in a pub for example. If you do hit, you will score a free drink. One reason why I have high doubts this will work more than 50% of the time is because different people organize and name their contacts differently. Maybe, it is just my friends so it depends. Another reason why I think this effect will not work often is that you must be proficient with the model of phone your subject is using. So, either you only do it when a spectator is using a phone that you are familiar with or you must learn the functions of all different phones on the market. 10 years ago maybe… not now.

The “CSI Booktest” is based on Lee Earle’s “Silver Bullet Lite” and is solid because it is more involved. It does require a mis-hit but that should not be too much of an issue. The gimmick is included in the book to dothis book test.

His center tear is very workable and I like it. I have experimented with quite of number of tears over the years including Richard Osterlinds and Lee Earles. I thought this was very simple (in method) but requires practice to get it right, as with any center tear.

If you are a fan of Luke Jermay and Kenton Knepper’s Wonderwords series, then you might be interested in this. If you did not like the forementioned magician’s works, then you will want to avoid this. Either 4.5 out of 5 stars or 1 out of 5 stars depending on what you like.

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One Response to Review of “120% Chestosteron” by Chester Sass

  1. Chester Sass says:


    Thanks very much for your review.
    If you like you can get my update letter concerning my book.
    Everyone who had bought my book can subscribe this news letter which contains further ideas from me and other performers.
    The next one will also have some informations about the cell phone effect.
    You will get one or two variations on this and also some more informations to easily pull this off. Maybe after reading this you’ll be convinced that you can do this effect 100% every time and sometimes with a few changes but it never fails (even for groups) 🙂
    In the first update letter there is a video of the gimmick I’m now using.

    This is my thought about customer services. If there are questions I’ll answer them and give further advices.
    I just got an email from Docc Hilford with some extremely clever thinking on the CSI Book Test. Hopefully he will agree to contibute it to my readers.

    Just send an email to
    To prove that you have the book include within the email the name which is written on the business card for my CHES-TE(A)R.

    Best regards

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