Review of “Alpha to Omega” DVD by Stephen Tucker

If you do not know who is Stephen Tucker, you are missing out on a lot of highly creative material that he has released over the past decades. For example, “Visa Cabaret” is a stunningly simple but highly deceptive routine that I perform with the Stealth Assasin Wallet. So, I was excited to review this DVD,

“Alpha to Omega” contains the DVD and necessary cards needed for the routine but you could also make-up the required set in your preferred values if you have the necessary gaffed cards.

This is similar to Max Maven’s “B’Wave” routine but uses cards that can be examined after the routine. Actually, it is close to John Bannon’s “Twisted Sisters” but the cards can be examined. The routine is well thought out but I should mention that you will be required to palm cards at one point of the routine. The actually palming is done out of audience view so you do not need to worry about palming in front of them.

I suspect people with small hands might have problems trying to do this naturally so they may to get bridge sized cards equivalents.

I like the thinking behind the routine as it does not use any forces as with other versions. But, I wonder if a good equivoque force really diminishes the effect. While Omega eliminates all forces and the cards can be examined, it loses the directness of “B’Wave”. Fans of this plot will definitely want to check this product out.

This DVD does come with several other routines which will also appeal to close-up workers. The “Matrix Reloaded” is a very interesting version that I can see as a great first routine to a standard Matrix coin routine. Basically, four cards bear images of a coin each and the images gather on one card in classic Matrix style, Finally, real coins appear and the cards are left blank.

Recommended: 4 out of 5 stars.

You can buy it here from Ning’s sexy Magic Boutique here.

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