Bringing magic & illusion to Sony Style TV magazine on AXN Asia

On Tues, we did a full day of filming for Episode 13 of AXN’s Sony Style TV magazine show.

This is a 2nd of several projects that we are working with AXN Asia on. We are currently the only other magicians from Asia who are working with AXN. The other being Cyril whose show’s sponsor is also Sony! It is time other sponsors get on the bandwagon!

Last year, AXN Asia featured our “The Impossible Record” on E-buzz and we also shot for another show the next day. Contractual obligations do not allow us to discuss the other show till later.

For Sony Style, we came up with 2 main effects that worked into the format and direction of the show. Months before the show even began to air, AXN contacted us to see how we could be part of the show. We then conceived of different illusions based on the location and Sony product featured on the phone.

The eventual location was City Square Mall at Kitchener road. In fact, Ning was integral in setting up the location bcause of her contacts with the mall management.

The first illusion was shot in the carpark of the Mall where I met up with the host of the show, Oli Pettigrew. We then tried out an illusion with positive results.

After that, we all went up to Pasta Stylo, a hip little cafe on the 2nd floor, for an interview and to perform an original close-up magic illusion that we created for the show. It went really well and I think the shots we saw on playback were captured well. Definitely, a nice magical moment in the effect.

Oli, Ying (the director) and the crew were a pleasure to work with and were really professional in learning how magic needed to be shot for TV. We had a great time developing the magic for the show and filming it.

I don’t want to spoil any surprises for you so make sure you catch it on AXN when it come out. The episode will air in 3 weeks time. Check for schedules in your region.


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