“Impassable” New Illusion Exclusive to the Brand New Magic Boutique

Response to the brand new Magic Boutique has been fantastic! Local customers have indicated tremendous interest in new shipping policies, promotions and the announcement of new exclusive products.

A whole new international customer base has also come to know of Ning’s “little magic shop” as my original illusion books and props are now distributed exclusively through Magic Boutique.

Magic Boutique has released my brand new illusion which is the latest innovation in my 3 Inch Hole Trunk design! Originally inspired by Jim Steinmeyer’s “Through a One-Inch Hole Illusion”, this new design reinvents the entire plot of the illusion. 

“Impassable” sees a girl pass through a plate of steel diamond plate and into a solid ATA flight case instantly!   The modification to use the removable steel plate completely changes the psychological effect of the original illusion!

This is a NEW illusion design with updated specifications, inner-working components and construction. My new specification for the material-combination used ensures that the gimmick is very smooth and the entire illusion is lightweight but durable. So many design secrets are hidden in this innocent-looking flight case.

I know that working pros will appreciate this practical and portable illusion. Judging by the number of people who bought the original trunk, I’m sure this will be a hit! Watch the video performance at the Magic Boutique Youtube channel here or below:

For more info, visit the Impassable product page here.


About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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One Response to “Impassable” New Illusion Exclusive to the Brand New Magic Boutique

  1. Luca volpe says:

    Great job!
    Im really interested in this!

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