The “Ultimate Illusion Collection” Compilation Book

As part of the launch of my new Magic Boutique storefront, I have released a special compilation edition of all 3 of my original illusion design books.

“Ultimate Illusion Collection” is a special edition that features “Illusionary Departures” (2nd Edition), “Equilateral” (2nd Edition) and “Urban Illusion” all in one HUGE-ass book! This book measures 2″ thick and includes 350 pages of material featuring over 40 full illusion designs with detailed building plans. Best of all, you will have massive savings if you buy this compilation book instead of the 3 books separately. The book is US$340.00 (Introductory Price ONLY) and is available exclusively only at Magic Boutique!

When I first started writing “Illusionary Departure” in 2003, I never thought I would design new illusions that would fill two more books in an almost 8-year period. The books are a great creative outlet for me and allows me to share ideas and designs that others can benefit from. We all stand on shoulders of giants and all our professional illusions have been inspired or are innovations in some way from previous creations from other illusionists and designers. The publication of the books are a natural way to give back to the art and have other magicians benefit with these new ideas.

The first copy of the “Ultimate Illusion Collection” has been given to someone special and the second copy was bought by a customer in Australia, even before it was officially launched!

Thanks for the continued support from magicians from around the world. I know that more than a handful have the illusions from the books. All use them in their show to great success as well as even on national TV. Keep on sending me photos of the completed illusions!

Order this book here or check all my other books at my Illusion Store  Ning’s Sexy New Magic Boutique.



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