Multi-tasking for upcoming projects and current corporate shows

I just sat back to gather my thoughts and realized that I’m juggling multiple projects on my plate all at once. I do adopt a “big picture” management approach for all our projects and can visualize each individual project but also can see how they overlap. This is critical in managing not just the creative process but also the logistics, planning and manpower distribution for every project. And of course… we have to manage the time to keep to deadlines. But, we are generally good for that.

Currenty, these are the things that I’ve been working on this past week:

2 Mega Illusions – full concept, method, design and technical requirements. These includes multiple tele-conferences, site inspections, discussions and proposal writing/ storyboarding.

2 TV shoots – full planning, preparations, logistic management, camera storyboarding and rehearsals for our telvesion shoots for two different TV shows next week.

Design Project – a very cool design project that we have been working on since last year actually! Can’t say much but it will be unveiled in a few short weeks.

Magic Project in Aug – Another hush hush project we have been working o for Aug 2010. Planning, scheduling, logistic management tied in with lots of writing.

Our Big Reveal on 28 Jun 2010, 3pm – can’t say much about this yet but it is a pet project that is taking lots of man-hours to get right.

Bread & Butter Corporate Show Bookings. One of the corporate shows worth mentioning that we did was the launch of two brand new products from Toshiba.

I have performed for at least 3 Toshiba events over the years so it was a natural choice for them to get Ning to bring her brand of magic & celebrity to this launch. We developed a simple 10-minute launch presentation that was repeated over two events for the same day for media and channel partners.

Ning took the stage and introduced her brand of “Deadly Sexy Magic” to the audience followed by having a spectator visualize an image on a Toshiba laptop. She then proceeded to read his mind and replicate the image.

Finally, she presented a custom illusion that we designed based on the client’s theme of having a surprise from a present. So, for the finale of her act, she produced the brand new laptops from a gift-bow-tied box after showin empty with her flaming torch. She magically produced the Thinnest & Lightest 13-Inch Full-Performance Ultraportable “Portégé R700” and the world’s first dual-touch-screen Windows mini-notebook PC “libretto W100”.

After the launch and formalites, the client requested to take photos of the product with the media and clients.

The night was far from over as we all adjourned to a nearby coffee joint to continue work on our big reveal taking place on Mon, 28 Jun 2010, 3pm.

Now… back to work.


About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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