Singapore First Kids Juggling & Illusion Show by Kinetic Gal

A couple of weeks ago at “The Urban Circus” hosted by ‘Magic Babe’ Ning, Kinetic Gal debuted the country’s first ever illusion show designed for kids and family audiences.

I came up with the concept about three years ago as I thought it would elevate a regular kids magician to another level if he/ she offered a large-scale illusion show that was designed for kids and family events.

I first suggested this idea to one performer but he declined to take on such a show. Well, Kinetic Gal took on the challenge last year and worked with me to design a custom illusion show that is truly unique to her. Trust me when I say that very few people can do the illusions the way she does. We have taken the concept of “magic juggling” to a whole new level.

This is the first time that an illusion show has been designed exclusively for kids and family audiences in Singapore. I’m not even sure if anyone else in the world offers this. It fills a void in the industry that is looking for a large-scale magic/ illusion show designed for family audiences. Most illusion shows are flashy Vegas-styled affairs so this is almost a complete 180!

If you were at “The Urban Circus”, you will know that Kinetic Gal was one of the stand-out performers and her combination of Juggling, Magic & Illusion was refreshing to audiences. Several event producers who have seen photos of the show on our blogs & Facebook have already expressed interest in her new show for family events and malls.

Now you can watch the new promo video for her show on YouTube here or below:

Kinetic Gal was recently featured on TODAY newspaper as one of the prominent contestants on the upcoming talent show, “One Moment of Glory” that will air in Aug 2010 on MediaCorp’s Channel 5.  Look out for brand new material that we are designing for the show. It is going to be innovatively fresh and quite a different look than what you see in the above video! Talk about reinvention in a short period of time!

For bookings, contact Kinetic Gal through or call +65 9625 0380


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