How to Make Custom Power Up Optimus Prime Legs

It is great that my custom Power-Up Optimus Prime has been well-received by Transformers fans around the world! You can see the details of this custom here.

I also get loads of questions on how I went about creating my Power Up Optimus Prime, specifically the leg or foot.

For the rest of the tutorials, check out a small guide I put out “HOW TO CUSTOMIZE TOY ROBOTS & OTHER TOYS”

how to customize toy robots cover


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10 Responses to How to Make Custom Power Up Optimus Prime Legs

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  2. José Aparecido de Resende says:

    Eu tenho o Optimus e Jetfire, quando eu faço a junção dos dois percebo que a parte de trás de Jetfire no qual e preso as suas pernas fica com um aspecto muito estranho porque esta parte vai do quadril do Optimus até abaixo do joelho dele,eu então desmontei todo o Jetfire na tantativa de usar somente os foguetes propulssores e também os pés mas não tive nenhum resultado possitivo com relação aos pés , você poderia me ajudar de alguma forma, aguardo seu retorno e até breve e boa sorte,parabéns pelo site.

  3. Chris Barfield says:

    This guide is extremely helpful as are your other guides as far as painting and detailing goes. I am a huge prime fan and want to build this for my own collection. I was just wondering; you say you use Gundam parts. I was wondering which Gundams you were refering. There are so many and I wouldn’t have a clue where to start. In addition, do you think you can and will make these “how to” instructions for the rest of Power Up Prime’s parts? Thanks!

    • jcsum says:

      Thanks so much! Don’t think I will have time to produce anymore tutorials Chris. A lot was designed as I built so there is a certain amount of “jazzing” going on. Although, I did specifically design the legs and back wing attachment. As far as the Gundam figure, I really cannot remember but it has to be at least a 1/100 scale or bigger. You should start with the Jet Fire figures and prime first. The Gundam parts are generally to cover joints and parts like knee guards etc. Sorry that I can’t be a bigger help.

      • Chris Barfield says:

        Oh no you are a big enough help already. The 1/100 scale thing is a major issue solved. Lol i didn’t want to go out and get a gundam to rip apart just to realize the wings or body armor parts were way too small or way to large. I’ve started the paint process on my prime and was just curious as to what types of paint you recommend. I am using an acrylic flat black to sort of “redo” the silver parts to look more like actual metal ( as shown in your guide on painting a transformer; also a major help :-P). but when it comes to the actual grey paint what type do you find works best? Would you stick with acrylic or have you found better types out there? Another question is I am noticing the hands and head of your prime. I there is one thing about this figure that just blows me away it’s the hands and head. I mean don’t get me wrong the whole thing is a masterpiece; but those parts are just great. So I guess I was wondering which prime did you get that head from? I am pretty sure the hands come from the 2007 movie leader prime but the head looks different in a way from the rotf movie prime. I may be all wrong, just curious. And also how did you attach them so they could move like that? Once again thanks for all of your hints and helpful guides.

      • jcsum says:

        I actually used all Tamiya Acrylic paints. I’ve been lazy that way. I use flat black as an undercoat and use a combination of “gun metal” and “chrome silver”. Yes, the hands are from 2007 Prime but here is a tip. You can buy just the hand mold at created by a Singapore customizer… so thank him 🙂

        I use ball joints for the articulation for the head and hands. Head is from Buster Prime not ROTF. Check tutorials online for ball joints mods. You have to buy ball joints separately. You might get some in some Gundum figures or you can buy them from

        All the best!

  4. Chris Barfield says:

    Did you embed the magnet by cutting into the prime or just gluing straight on? And also what do you mean by dry brushing. Thank you

    • jcsum says:

      Most times, the magnets are epoxied into crevices or grooves but somethings, you have to use the dremel or rotary tool to grind out plastic to create space for the magnet.

      Google dry brushing. Lots of tutorials online.

  5. Kelvin says:


    First of all, great tutorial you have there! I stumble upon this blog while I was looking for Transformers part for restoration project. Do you by any chance still have some of those spare Leader Class Optimus Prime with you? I am looking for the sole of the left leg to repair my figure. Do let me know if you have it with you. Will really appreciate it if you can lend me a hand here.

    Thanks in advance and hope to hear from you.

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