Congrats to Another Asian Merlin Award Winner

Even though it was a Sunday yesterday, I was in the studio preparing an illusion for a client for a project in the Middle East. When I reached home in the evening, I got a call from an SPH reporter for my views on an article he was writing for Lianhe Wanbao.

Among other things, he asked about my views on Taiwanese magicians’s Lu Chen’s success and I had only good things to say about the most commercially successful Chinese magician of our time.

It was timely because just a few days earlier, we learnt that Lu Chen was awarded the Merlin Award by Tony Hassini in Shanghai. He is one of very few Asian magicians to be presented the Merlin by Tony, Chairman of the International Magicians Society.

It was great that Lianhe Wanbao recognized that Ning & I were awarded Merlins last year and even pictured us with our awards!

Lianhe Wanbao – 7 Jun 2010

Ning blogged a few days ago on Lu Chen’s Merlin here.

Lu Chen is really deserving of the Merlin for his contributions to the art in Asia. His influence on the Chinese speaking mass market is staggering and his specialty of both close-up and stage manipulation are masterful.

The key for all other magicians who eye his success is to ensure you are not a clone of him, do not do his effects, do not style yourself like him and do not act like him. Same for the Criss Angel, Blaines and Copperfield-wannabes of the worlds 😛


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