Review of EXTREME Human Body Stunts by Luis de Matos

I’ve been asked to put up reviews of magic products on my blog. While my schedule does not allow for regular reviews, I’ll see what I can do.

Earlier this year, we did a review of Luis de Matos’ EXTREME DVD set. He was kind enough to send Ning & myself a set to watch. He also had us as part of his ground-breaking Essential Magic Conference. I received a nice note from him today so thought it would be fitting to post this review as the first official review for my blog.

Luis de Matos is Portugal’s top magician and we were first introduced to him through his appearance on the late-Gary Ouellet’s “World’s Greatest Magic” television special where Luis performed his “Mirror Passage” illusion.

Over the years, he has become one of or favourite magicians to watch. Check out video clips of his “Utopia” illusion show if you get the chance.

Luis has produced what we consider one of the most professional set of videos, in terms of professional material and production value, that we have ever seen.

It was such a refreshing DVD set to watch after seeing so many one-trick badly produced DVDs over the last few years. We watched the 4-disc set in one afternoon and subsequently rewatched certain portion of stunts we liked. The production value added to the entertainment value of the DVDs and we were just as impressed with the attention to detail as we were with the material.

This 4-disc DVD set each focuses on one Human Body Stunt designed to be staged as a spectacular publicity stunt or for a special event or TV event. Each disc also contains two “Extras”, in the form of smaller but still very effective stunts.

While not strictly magic, magicians have incorporated stunts into their shows and repertoire for years. Houdini made these stunts synonymous with his name and in recent time David Blaine achieved great success with his stunts. Luis’ style is much more theatrical than the Houdini and Blaine so it will be refreshing for many people not familiar with his style or work to see such extreme stunts performed in a theatrical way. He really knows his stuff and how to stage the stunts for maximum theatrical and entertainment impact.

Luis details the workings, presentation, method, preparation, psychology, execution and publicity ideas for all the stunts in the DVD set. He has performed all the stunts himself for various special events and TV shows so he is walking the talk. Each stunt is shown in real-life performance as well as real-time demonstrations.

He goes through everything you possibly need to know to stage these stunts for yourself, including the crucial safety elements needed. Every one of the stunts described is a spectacle in its own right and has tremendous commercial appeal.

Ning particularly loves the “Firewalking” stunt and would love to stage it one day. I like the Stone Breaking which I have found a way to integrate into an illusion show.

If you are looking for a suspended Strait Jacket escape, Luis shares his professional rigging and multiple safety devices. This is a must-watch if you want to attempt this stunt… and this was just an “Extra” in Disc 3, not even a main stunt.

We have already incorporated one the “Extras” in one of our professional shows. We learnt and put together “Blowtorch” as part of a custom fire act we developed for a FHM magazine event. Ning performed it as part of a FHM launch and it was a crowd pleaser. What could be hotter than a babe passing a flaming blowtorch under the bare skin of her arm! Thanks Luis!

Seldom do we have a professional of Luis’ caliber sharing such professional material in such detail. If you are looking for professional material and are willing to put in the time and work, this DVD set has our highest recommendations. But note, these are not stunts you can put together overnight. You will need to put in the time for your own research, trials and preparation before even attempting anyone of the stunts, including the smaller ones.

In most cases, you will need a dependable support team to stage the stunts. Kudos must go to Luis’s team whose invaluable support can be seen in all the stunts.

Luis has set a new standard in professional content and production value. We can’t wait to see what he puts out in future! 5 stars.

You can buy the DVD set here.


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