‘Magic Babe’ shoots for Coke Zero’s as Featured Personality

We headed down to the MediaCorp Publishing Studio early in the morning for a shoot for Coke Zero for a featured personality interview for the popular 8 Days entertainment magazine.

Ning was one of just two ladies chosen to be a featured personality for the zero-calorie soft drink. We were thrilled when ‘Magic Babe’ was approached to be considered.

When we were in Oman a few weeks ago, we were joking that the singer on the same program as us was the featured personality for Coke in the Middle East. So, Ning was not too far behind with Coke Zero. Soon, she will move up to Coke Light and if she is really good, she may qualify for the real Coke 😀 haha!

Here are some photos from the shoot:

If you read Ning’s blog entry here, you would also know that she was also recently appointed as a Celebrity Ambassador for Power Over Cervical Cancer.

Power Over Cervical Cancer is a movement by The Society for Colposcopy & Cervical Pathology of Singapore to reduce cervical cancer rates in the country. These folks work with various support groups, with many activities planned to educate and raise awareness of cervical cancer, as well as, prevention methods.

I know that this is one of the most fulfilling parts of our jobs – when we give something back to society in a positive way.

I’m really proud of Ning and her evolution of ‘Magic Babe’ from mere performer to featured personality/ ambassador of various organizations. She has also been approached to represent another organization, so we will see if that goes through. We are glad that different parties are recognizing ‘Magic Babe’ as not just a sexy magician but also a lady with the character and brains to give back passionately to the community.

Tomorrow, we will be heading for one of the events where Ning will speak and spread the message on this cause. More about that in the next two days.


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