The Evolution of a Magic Juggler

A couple of entries ago, I wrote about working with Larry to develop his professional “Daredevil Magic” show.

He will be showcasing a lot of new material at “The Urban Circus” hosted by ‘Magic Babe’ Ning this coming 30 May 2010, Sun, 4.30pm. Incidentally, 60% of the the tickets have already been sold for this show.

Another one of the star performers is Kinetic Gal, who I have been working with to develop her professional show since … 2007!

Her technical skills and experience have developed well over the years due to sheer hard work, dedication and talent. She recently consulted for a new kids TV show, “Before I was Awesome”, that will air on OKTO in Aug 2010. I previously blogged about her unique skills here.

From the business point of view of a Commercial Creative Artist, Kinetic Gal already has such a niche position as the go-to entertainer for all-girls birthday parties & events.

In a few weeks, she will further strengthen that position when she unveils a brand new family show that has never been offered to the regional event industry before.

Her evolution as a “Magic Juggler” has been unique from the point of view that she developed her magic and juggling skills almost in tandem. So, she is not a magician turned juggler or juggler turned magician but really true to her title.

She started her first professional shows as a “Magic Juggler” and I was adament that she build her career along this route to differentiate herselves from other entertainers. Being a female was novel but not a guarantee of success. However, a unique skillset that other entertainers do not possess gives her a great competitive edge.

I also stressed variety in both her juggling and magic; variety in moves as well as using uncommon props. Her colour changing juggling rings look magical but coupled with her magic juggling ball routine, the act is just refreshingly different.

She pushes herself with the blindfold club juggling as it is legitmately difficult but I think it is the new acts that we have developed in the last 6 months that will push her to a new level.

I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag yet so if you want to be the first to see it, you have to come by to watch “The Urban Circus”! 🙂


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