New Illusion Book in the Works!

I finished writing my last illusion book, “Urban Illusions”, in Dec 2008 and it has been selling well along with my other couple of books.

The air travel disruption due to the Iceland volcanic ash did cause some problems for my European customers but other than that I believe everyone has been very happy with the material and most order another or all the other books.

The digitial plans I introduced last year have also been hit, especially with magicians who knew specifically what they needed. It gave first-time buyers a chance to check out my original material at a lower cost before taking the plunge to buy a whole book. The best thing is that 90% of the people who order one plan either ordered more plans or the physical books.

Well, fans and customers of my books and plans will be happy to know that I have started work on my next book 🙂

As always, my goal is to create something of value and different from my past offerings. As such this book will be vastly different from my other books in 3 ways:

1) Instead on full detailed plans, this will be a book filled with working concepts and ideas for illusions. I have designed so many illusions for shows and clients but not every illusion designed made it to the fabrication stage. Reasons for this include; the project did not go through due to lack of budget, changes in concepts or I came up with a better illusion solution.

As a result, I have dozens of illusions that will work, have full methods and materials list worked out but I never got down to drawing up the building plans as I did not need to.

However, instead of letting all these illusions go to waste, I felt I should share them in a new book so that others could benefit from them and subsequently work out the dimensions and build it for themselves.

2) As I will not be offering full blueprint plans, this book will contain the most number of illusions in a single book. In fact, at my current count, there will be more illusion ideas and working methods in this books than my previous 3 books combined.

3) Good news! This will be my first book that will also be offered to magicians in Singapore & Malaysia.

There will be more exciting news about my illusion books and products in a few weeks so keep your eyes peeled for that!


About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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