What to expect from The Urban Circus hosted by ‘Magic Babe’ Ning

It is just over 2 weeks to “The Urban Circus” and all the performers are gearing up to put up a stellar show targeted at family heartlanders.

For the paying audience, this will probably be one of the most value for money theatre shows you can watch! Ticket price aside, you will never see a show with this much variety arts in a single 75min performance. We have fire acts, escape stunts, different genres of magic, illusion, juggling and belly dancing all in one production.

So far, 40% of the tickets have been sold so get your tickets to avoid disappointment. Click here for details and ticketing.

Ning & I will not be performing in the show, although Ning will be hosting it as a sexy ring mistress… that should be worth the price of admission alone 😛

The Urban Circus is a platform for the assemble cast of talent who will be showcasing their unique acts. Some of these talents are full-time professionals and some are amateurs. But, nevertheless, all have something to show!

Ning & I are hoping that this show will be a platform for these talents to strut their stuff as well as push themselves to another level.

For example, one of the lead stars of the show is Larry the Daredevil Magician. I’ve been working with Larry on his show for almost 2 years now. 

It has been a rewarding process developing his show from scratch to a professional level where he is booked for shows by event producers and organizations. His progress, both artistically and commercially, is positive. His weekends in Jun – Aug are already booked with shows.

His show has evolved based on personal strengths and market demand. The balance of being “commercial” yet having material with artistic integrity is vital for a commericial professional entertainer. If you are too “arty” or insist on performing content that only you and a select group of people appreciate, it is tough to get booked. If you are overly “commercial”, you will likely be doing a lot of material that others do, so will not be differentiated from the rest.

Currently, Larry’s show is an excellent balance of magic, stunts & escapes. It really has the best of many previous shows that I created for other performers in the past. He is also doing a very cool rendition of the traditional sword basket illusion!

One of his signature pieces is his “One-handed Mail Bag Escape” which is quite unique even in the world of escapes. To pull off an act of this nature is tough because it is an unusual concept to the mainstream audience. Nevertheless, Larry does a great job with it.

Come down to the show to check it out for yourself!

I’ll talk a bit more about the other acts in future entries.

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