Psychics are FAKES! had an interesting and truthful article on magic tricks psychics use. Read it here.

While written as a humourous read, like most of their satirical articles, there is truth behind the words. I thought it would be good time to give you the real truth on psychics…. they are all fakes.

Take it from someone whose career is based on the study of deceptive & illusionary techniques, pyschics are basicially individuals who employ the same techniques but assert that their powers are supernatural or from a spiritual origin. In fact, ask any competent magician who has studied the craft for years, he/ she will say the same thing.

Unlike most magicians who employ a wide range of deceptive techniques in their repertoire of magic acts, most psychics are less sophisticated and use the same old tired and tested deceptive methods to pass off as the real thing.

I’ve encountered some of these “psychics” several times who claim to be fortune tellers and each time saw through their “magic” methods which were very rudamentary sleight of hand moves.

The reason why people do believe in the “psychics” is the because they want to and/ or do not know what to look out for. Many turn to psychics as a last resort or for hope. This is a great motivation to want to believe that the “psychic” can help them with unnatural means.

Another reason is that most laymen would know what to look for in terms of the execution of deceptive techniques. Many times, they also visit the “pyschic” in their home tuff where the entire room may be rigged to their advantage.

The lead character in the popular TV show, “The Mentalist”, often debunks the work of psychics as well as he was a TV fake too.

JamesRandi, a noted magician, writer and debunker of psychics, has also spent much of his career debunking psychics. He has a “One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge” which no one has won to date. Read more about this here.

If you know a psychic and believe that he/ she is the real thing, let me know or ask him/ her to take Randi’s challenge. If he/ she is legit, it will be a breeze.


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2 Responses to Psychics are FAKES!

  1. 9wareagle9 says:

    Hmm..Science vs Psychism. Two groups creating illusions in an illusionary world and then arguing over the illusions created. A psychic (a real one anyway )KNOWS the world is an illusionary place and how easy it is to create illusions by influencing the human consciousness.

    I’m not sure what the argument here is. What is being proved? That one’s belief in the ability to create or dismantle illusions via human consciousness is better than the other?

    Science may be looking for the wrong people to test? Then again no drama would be created if a psychic agreed that illusions are easy to create in an illusionary world because a psychic sees EVERYONE creating illusions not just stage magicians.

    I think the whole thing amounts to a self created ratings war. But its something I’d like to understand.

    • @ 9wareagle9 Thank you. I don’t really know if there is a real test. I’ve the done the whole shapes and colors and failed, however I later found out I’m usually 5 seconds ahead of myself. I know everyone is intuitive just some are a little more sensitive than another. Have you ever heard a term like ” a mother knows”? It’s just that way for us 24/7. We are all human-beings my reality is just a bit different. How my Great-Grandmother explained it to me is I’m attuned to two worlds. I’ve gone to therapist hoping they would say I was crazy, and I wanted more than anything to be like my friends. I people who isn’t in a dense form and I can feel other peoples emotions and physical like it is my own. At first I isolated myself I’ve always known I was different I just didn’t know how different till I started going to school.

      Now I can help people. I’m also a life coach with a medical background. I can help people who is ready for that next step in life with encouragement and give that little push, and I can also go help a elderly who is not so right in the mind get the medical help that they need by explaining to the doctors what they are going through.

      In life coaching and with yoga I don’t tell anyone what I am. I outed myself when my grandmother became ill and I was just as ill as her mind was gone. I kept myself open to her it is the only way my family knows how to take care of her. She is diabetic, and suffers from renal failure. My doctor is worried sometimes I wake up with blurred vision and my kidneys are always inflamed. So my curse is also my gift because it helps me keep my best friend healthy.

      People have a right to their own opinions. What would we learn if we didn’t question everything that appears before us! It is a great debate I too am a huge fan of science, and I too who like to understand.

      I wish you enough

      Leilani Duffins

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