A sad example of NOT understanding the current business environment

I saw this video shared on Facebook and reshared it with my thoughts. It is a clip of Philip Yeo, Chairman of SPRING Singapore, a government statutory board promoting entrepeneurship, giving his reason why Apple is successful.

First of all, bear in mind that the clip may be taken out of context of a larger message, but his basic ignorance is still revealed.

This is a sad of example of not understanding the current business environment and value-creation driven economy. And this is quoted from the chairman of our country’s statutory board to promote entrepreneurship and innovation? His lack of understanding of Apple’s business model and success is more astounding than our magic.

But, it is apparent to me that Philp Yeo is the 1% genius in our society because he doesn’t own an iphone; otherwise he would have this app:


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2 Responses to A sad example of NOT understanding the current business environment

  1. T S Yap says:

    If Philip Yeo is a genius, then he should go and set up a company on his own instead of working for the government. I do not own any apple products but could not stand his arrogant comments about other people in public. Philip Yeo always think highly of himself and he even call common layman people as dummies. He probably does not understand his English very well and is the biggest intelligent idiot ever live on this planet. This show that Singapore government do not know how to hire the right man for the job.

  2. JC says:

    As the title of this blog goes…”A sad example of NOT understanding the current business environment” Mr. Yeo should go and take some Economics lesson and the free market before commenting. He is definitely not connected to the current global trends even though his comment has some “truth. But sad to say such truth does not determine $ profits today. Look at the PC/console game market, one could say it is trash, but its a billion $ industry and Growing!!
    Sad that we have such a person at the TOP!! S’pore govt reallly has to open up its eyes, else it will spell the demise of our economy!!

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